Monday, September 24, 2007

52 Week High Stock Scan (Sept 24, 2007)

Today, Monday, September 24, 2007, there are 98 Nasdaq stocks and 107 NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) Stocks hitting New 52 Week Highs at one point during the day.

Some selected stocks and sectors:

1. Technology

Technology is a very strong sector:

  1. AAPL (Apple): Forward PE: 33.55
  2. AMZN (Amazon): Forward PE: 60.12
  3. GOOG (Google): Forward PE: 29.08
  4. GRMN (Garmin): Global Positioning Product Company. Forward PE: 29.12
  5. BIDU (Bidu): The Google of China. Forward PE: 82.67
  6. EMC (EMC): Storage Company and Information Infrastructure. Forward PE: 25.01
  7. ARBA (Ariba): Software and Services: Forward PE: 24.11
  8. BCSI (Blue Coat Systems): Smallcap Security Software Company. Forward PE: 32.52
  9. GIGM (Giga Media): Taiwan Internet and Gaming Company. Forward PE: 18.93
  10. OIIM (O2Micro International): Fabless Semiconductor Company involved in power management, and security applications in many different markets. Forward PE: 18.10
  11. OVTI (OmniVision): Produces semiconductor image sensor devices such as CameraChip image sensors. Forward PE: 14.53
  12. SPIL (Siliconware Precision Industries): Taiwanese Semiconductor Company. Forward PE: 12.67
  13. ALVR (Alvarion): Israel based company produces wireless broadband acecss systems.

2. Telecom Providers and Wireless Providers

Telecom Providers especially Wireless Providers are also in Bull Market Mode.

  1. ROS (Rostelcom): Russian telecom company.
  2. CHL (China Mobile): Chinese Telecom Company.
  3. T (AT&T): US Based Telecom Provider. Forward PE 13.50, Yield: 3.40%
  4. VOD (Vodaphone): European Based Telecom Company. Forward PE 13.47, Yield: 5.00%

3. Aerospace

Aerospace is also another current bull market.

  1. TDG (Transdigm Group): $2B company supplies equipment for the aerospace industry. Forward PE: 17.69. 5 year estimate: 28.5%. PEG is a very good 0.62 (less than 1 is very cheap)

4. Biotech

  1. BIIB (Biogen Idec): Forward PE: 21.00
  2. CELG (Celgene): Forward PE: 42.98

5. Retail, Consumer Discretionary

  1. CROX (Crocs): Specialty footwear maker: Forward PE: 24.60
  2. FLWS (1-800 Flowers): Flower Retail Company. Forward PE: 25.80
  3. HLF (Herbalife): Nutritional Supplements, weight management, personal care products. Forward PE: 14.85

6. Computer and Video Gaming

  1. GME (Gamestop): Computer and Video Gaming Retailer. Forward PE: 28.66
  2. SNDA (Shanda Interactive): Chinese Online Gaming company. Forward PE: 19.89

7. Oil, Oil Services, Energy

Oil continues to be strong, including Chinese and emerging market oil.

  1. CEO (Cnooc): Chinese Oil Company
  2. CVX (Chevron): US Oil Company
  3. HAL (Halliburton): Oil Services Company
  4. NOV (National Oilwell Varco): Heavily involved in constructing and selling products for the oil and gas industry.
  5. PBR (Petrobras): Oil Company in Brazil
  6. PTR (PetroChina): Chinese Oil and Natural Gas Company
  7. SHI (Shanghai Petrochem): Process crude oil into synthetic fibers, resins, plastics, intermediate petrochemical products and petroleum products in China.

8. Beverages and Consumer Staples

  1. HANS (Hansen): Hansen, specialty energy drink maker. Forward PE: 25.35
  2. KO (Coca Cola): Drink company. Forward PE: 19.42. Yield: 2.40%
  3. PG (Procter & Gamble): Premiere Consumer Staple Company. Forward PE: 17.85

9. Industrial and Shipping

  1. DRYS (Dry Ships): Operates drybulk carriers including drybulk commodoties such as coal, iron ore, and grains. Forward PE: 8.15
  2. MMM (3M): Forward PE: 16.72

10. Healthcare

  1. SUNH (Sun Healthcare): Specialty healthcare for Seniors (Baby Boomers are aging!) Forward PE: 20.62.

11. Macau Gaming

There's a bull market in the up and coming Macau (China) market, to rival Las Vegas.

  1. WYNN (Wynn): Forward PE: 53.61
  2. LVS (Las Vegas Sands): Forward PE: 51.99

12. Infrastructure

The Global Growth Story needs Infrastructure.

  1. ABB (ABB): Switzerland infrastructure company. Forward PE: 19.43
  2. MDR (McDermott): Forward PE: 20.64

13. Minerals and Materials

The Global Growth story needs minerals and materials.

  1. BHP (BHP Billiton)
  2. FCX (Freeport McMoran): Gold and Copper
  3. RTP (Rio Tinto)
  4. NEM (Newmont Mining)
  5. PKX (Posco): Korean Steel Company

14. Casual Dining

  1. CMG (Chipotle Mexican Grill): Forward PE: 45.98
  2. THI (Tim Hortons): Restaurants and Donus. Forward PE: 21.65

15. Defense
Defense is another strong area.

  1. RTN (Raytheon): Forward PE: 16.81

16. Agriculture

  1. POT (Potash): Fertilizers and other products. Forward PE: 25.36

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