Wednesday, December 19, 2007

(Computer and Video) Gaming is still Strong

There's a Bull Market in Gaming. Three Major consoles are out such the famous Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, and Microsoft Xbox.

There's also a strong growth area in online gaming (such as the networked version of World of Warcraft) especially in East Asia and China.

Some nominees

  1. GME (Gamestop): Why do you have to choose the winner between the console makers and the software makers? Their merger with Electronic Boutique, another gaming retailer is going very well.
  2. ERTS (Electronic Arts): Software Maker
  3. NVDA (Nvidia): They make graphic chips and other products used by computer gamers.
  4. SNDA (Shanda Interactive): Chinese online Gaming company.
  5. NCTY (The9 Limited): Chinese online Gaming company. They have rights to offer World of Warcraft in China.
  6. GA (Giant Interactive): Chinese Online Gaming company. Recent IPO. Speculative play.

My favorites (in this order), are:

  1. GME
  2. SNDA

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