Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gold Chart Initial Price Target $1160

Inflation and Gold have been making the news. Recently, on CNBC's show Fast Money, Chartist Louise Yamada showed a chart of gold and made some analysis. Inspired by her work, we charted GLD, the Gold ETF. GLD appears to have a price 1/10 of the true price of gold. (If GLD is $98, then the price of gold is around $980 per ounce.)

In the chart above, we see a trading zone (triangle) from around $55 to $72. In the first leg, we see an increase from around $42 to $72, a gain of 71%. If we use this gain, and add it to the the trading zone base (near the end of the triangle), we get $116, or 71% above $68. This estimate matches what Louise Yamada mentioned on the air.

After this price target of $116, perhaps GLD will start consolidating, preparing itself for the next move (higher?)

Today's Chart of GLD

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