Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jim Cramer Cameo on Iron Man Movie

While watching the Iron Man Movie, I was surprised to see a hilarious cameo by CNBC Personality and host of the CNBC Show "Mad Money." Based on the audience reaction, looks like there were enough people who recognized Jim Cramer.

The Iron Man Movie itself is worth going to the theatre for.


In the movie, Tony Stark, weapons developer and the man behind Iron Man, mentions that he will be suspending his weapons development operation division.

We later see a television, where Jim Cramer is on the CNBC Mad Money show, passionately ranting as he put Stark Industries (with the fictional symbol: SIA) on the Sell Block, hits the bear button sound and visual effect, and then gets his baseball bat and crushes a Mad Money cup.

Yes, watch the Iron Man movie. It is a good movie and it's also interesting to see Jim Cramer's great Cameo.

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Anonymous said...

The movie was terrific and Jim Cramer's cameo was just perfect. A nice way to spend a hot afternoon in Las Vegas.