Monday, June 16, 2008

Long term Trends: Part 4: Cleanup and Waste Management

We expect these trends to continue:
  1. Global Industrialization produces more waste by-products.
  2. High Energy Prices encourages use of Nuclear Energy. Nuclear Waste is a by-product.
  3. Waste is an alternative energy resource. There is Waste to Energy conversion and even Methane Gas Capture
  4. Recycling plays an important role as commodity prices (materials) continues to remain expensive.

There are additional current factors:
  1. There are companies in this group near their current 52 week high.
  2. This is a good area to be in at this part of the cycle and beyond.
  3. There is recent merger and acquisition activity. Allied Waste (AW) and Republic Services (RSG) are in the process.

Some of the Industrial and Environmental Cleanup Companies and Waste Management Companies
  1. American Ecology (ECOL)
  2. Clean Harbors (CLHB)
  3. Energy Solutions (ES)
  4. Waste Management (WMI)
  5. Allied Waste (AW)
  6. Republic Services (RSG)

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