Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Profit from Those $1 Per Day (to Rent) Red DVD Kiosks?

Have you ever seen those Red DVD Kiosks at your local supermarket? For $1 a day, you can automatically select any movie and rent the DVD. There are no late fees, and if you keep the movie after a certain number of days, the movie is yours to keep.

In this economy, and in general, this is a very appealing option. Blockbuster (BBI), for example, offers rental of a DVD for around $4 per day. Other options include Netflix (NFLX), which mails DVDs through the mail.

The Company that profits from those Red DVD Kiosks is Coinstar (CSTR). Yes, this is the same company that makes those machines that convert loose coins to cash for a fee.

Movie studios are not happy with the underpricing of these DVDs.

Coinstar is a $1 Billion company, with a forward PE of 22, and 5 Year Estimated Growth Rate of 28%, for PEG of 0.79, a very good value. (Anything PEG under 1 is a good value).

It is said that Redbox has a 13.8% market share of the DVD rental market, up from 9% last year, and just 2.3% in 2007.

Today's Stock Chart of CSTR

Compare Performance of CSTR, BBI, NFLX

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