Sunday, January 31, 2010

24 Million Chinese Bachelors: Violence or Opportunity for Chinese Online Gaming Companies?

There is a big demographic shift in China: There will be a surplus of 24 million Chinese Men who will not be able to find a wife in China because of the large imbalance of bachelors to bachelorettes.

Times Online (in the UK) has an article on this.

What are the implications of this big Chinese demographic change? Violence? Revolution? War?

Or could this be an opportunity for Chinese online gaming companies? The online gamers are predominantly male and spending time on gaming could be a pastime and serious hobby for those who are unable to find wives.

There are Chinese Online Gaming companies such as:
  1. Shanda Interactive (SNDA)
  2. The9 Limited (NCTY)
  3. Perfect World (PWRD)
  4. Giant Interactive (GA)


Camille said...

Thank you for writing such an informative, easy to understand blog. I hope you keep posting!

techfarmer said...

@Camille: Thank you very much! I appreciate it very much. I hope I do find time to continue to update thsi blog.