Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Profit from Population Growth: 7 Billion People on Earth

You may have seen the most recent headline that the World Population is now 7 Billion Human Individuals.

Can we profit from this?

  1. Water Infrastructure:

    Water Infrastructure will be needed to support the growing population.
    You can play this with the PowerShares Global Water Portfolio ETF (PIO) or the Powershares Water Resources ETF (PHO). Individual company names can include companies such as Tetra Tech (TTEK).

  2. Agriculture

    The growing population will require more food and more efficient food. You can play this with companies such as Monsanto (MON), the Bio-engineering stock of agriculture. Monsanto even has drought resistant crops, and can also be a play on Global Warming / Climate Change.

    Or, you can invest in companies such as Potash (POT), a fertilizer company.

    ETFs include Powershare's Global Agriculture ETF (PAGG).

  3. Infrastructure

    Infrastructure will need to support the growing population, and there may be more urbanization in the future.

    There are many infrastructure companies out there such Siemens (SI), General Electric (GE), and ABB Ltd (ABB)

  4. Environmental Cleanup and Waste

    More people means more waste and more industrial waste.

    Companies in this sector include Waste Management (WM), Clean Harbors (CLH), and U.S. Ecology (ECOL).

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