Thursday, September 6, 2012

S&P 500 Stock Market Crash?: $16 Trillion in National Debt and Bad Demographics

Is the Stock Market and the U.S. S&P 500 in Denial and is a Stock Market Crash Ahead?

Since the great stock market crash of 2008, the U.S. Stock Market has gone up from an S&P 500 low of 683 to 1432 today, September 6, 2012 for a gain of 110%.

However, during the same time, the United States National Debt went from $10.6 Trillion Dollars to today's $15.86 Trillion Dollars for a gain of 50%.

If we look at the ratio of U.S. Debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product), we went from 74% Debt to GDP towards the end of 2008, to around 101% today, September 6, 2012:


Is the Stock Market in Denial? 
National Debt and Bad Demographics means Trouble Ahead for the Markets.

The Stock Market has gone up over 100% since the bottom in 2009, but at the same time, the National Debt has reached a record $16 TRILLION, and now, the ratio of U.S. National Debt to GDP is over 100%.

Recently, for the first time ever, the Bond Rating Agencies downgraded the United States Credit Worthiness.

Also, there was a recent budget impasse in the U.S. Government, and the U.S. appears to be nearing a fiscal cliff.

The interest on the national debt alone will top more than $5 trillion over the next decade according to the projections from the Congressional Budget Office.

And there is no sign that this trend will slow down and reverse itself anytime soon, unless drastic and proactive actions are taken.

Bad Demographics:

Bad demographics will make this bad situation worse.   One of the largest demographic groups in the U.S., the Baby Boomers born soon after World War II, are starting to retire and will be claiming Social Security Benefits, and Medicaid benefits.  The Baby Boomers will also be living longer, putting a further strain on the system.

The hope is that the younger generations can fill the gap, but that's a problem, with high young adult unemployment rates, the young having to move home after College, and increasing debt and increasing college tuition costs.  Labor participation as a percentage of population has been decreasing and will continue to decrease, which it makes it more difficult to grow the economy.

Edge of Fiscal Cliff:

We are on the edge of a fiscal cliff, and important very active steps need to be taken to solve this dire financial problem.

The Stock Market could also be in Denial, and there is a risk of a gradual or sudden downturn which may occur soon, or over many years in the future.  There may be many Stock Market Corrections and Crashes and Violent Rallies in our future.

Despite the recent bull market since 2008, we are still in the middle of a Long Term Secular Bear Market.  The Stock Market is currently in Denial with many headwinds from a National Debt Crisis and Unfavorable Demographics.

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