Monday, August 24, 2015

Newly Developed Stock Screener which uses the PEGY Ratio.

There's a newly developed Stock Screener at

There are many interesting filters there including Above Average Volume (for the day), Forward PE, EV to EBITDA Ratio, Beta as well as the PEGY Ratio.

The PEGY Ratio is an interesting way to evaluate whether or not a stock is growing at a reasonable price. For example, the PE might be high, but is there enough growth to justify paying for that price?

It is similar to the PEG Ratio but the PEGY Ratio includes the Yield. A PEGY Ratio of 1 or less is very good. Anything below 1.5 is still good.

PEG Ratio = (Price / Earnings) / ((5 Yr Growth %)*100)

PEGY Ratio = (Price / Earnings) / ((5 Yr Growth % + Yield %) * 100)

Here is the stock screener at

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