Sunday, June 3, 2007

No More Analog TV Broadcasts in 2009

Did you know that by 2009, there will be No More Analog TV Broadcasts?

Can you imagine a world where people can no longer can get over the air analog TV broadcasts? This may mean a service disruption to many people with older Analog Sets. Cable companies may convert the digital signals back into analog for those with older sets. There is also a program where government subsidizes the purchase of special set-top boxes.

I see some investment opportunities in the future. People have been moving to HDTV some time, and for all those who have not upgraded, the 2009 deadline could help spur people to upgrade to HDTV.

Also, companies may use this opportunity to offer their "Digital Living Room" set-top box/computer at an inexpensive price. Companies may view this as an opportunity to get market share and lock in their customers.

But the changes will still be several years away. Let us look at this issue as 2009 gets closer.

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