Sunday, June 3, 2007

Current HDTV Cycle

Before we look far into the future, let us not forget the current HDTV cycle. People have been adopting HDTV High Definition sets for sometime now.

Current beneficiaries include:
1. GLW -- Corning Glassware
They are involved in Display Technologies.
2. BBY -- Best Buy
Popular Retailer of Electronic equipment including HDTV sets.
3. SNE -- Sony, producer of BluRay products (BluRay is a High Definition DVD)
4. TOSBF -- Toshiba is a maker of more affordable HD-DVD DVD players.
5. NFLX -- Netflix. DVDs by mail company suppotrs BluRay and HD-DVD dvds.

Near term HDTV upgrade cycle:

For those who have experienced HDTV for the first time, you know it is hard to go back to standard definition TV. More and more content will be in High Definition and customers will start to demand it. Those with DVRs will want to be able to play HDTV content (TIVO and Cable and Satellite DVRs have models which support HDTV recordings). People will demand internet video be in high definition video. Consumers will start retiring their old standard definition camcorders for High Definition Camcorders. Consumers will want the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD debate to settle down so consumers will be able to finally buy a BluRay or HD-DVD player to enjoy the movies.

There's an HDTV upgrade cycle coming, and let us pay attention to this trend.

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